BLACK CAT cables are divided into sub-series, almost all of which have been made possible by our development of the AERON™ insulating process, which lends us the ability to create very high performance insulation for our cables without being captive to the high premiums that subcontractors charge for an insulating service.

Black Cat interconnects all use our newly-designed RCA connectors, which feature a combination of design elements that make them high performance and yet still quite cost-effective:

The first element is a patent-pending feature that Chris Sommovigo first designed for the very expensive and high-performance Xhadow RCA connectors: a contact pin that has ridges running along its length (the ridging is made by a process called “fluting”). These ridges perform the task of wiping the contact area clean upon insertion into the female RCA jack, and then keeping a relatively high-pressure/low-contact-resistance interface between the pin and receptacle for better signal transfer.

The second element is the use of a set-screw for the signal-wire to be attached to the signal-pin before soldering. This ensures that the two metals between the wire and the pin are in a high-pressure contact (“intimately-stressed contact”) so that solder is only used as a means to create a hermetic seal around the electrical joint, and not at all used as a conductor between the wire and the pin (as is sometimes the case when assemblers aren’t careful about their job).

The RCAs also employ a barrel that is unusual. Instead of being cut into individual leaves that flex as the RCA is pushed onto the jack, the entire grounding area of the barrel is closed. Inside the body of the barrel is a spring-like electrical contact that makes for a high-pressure interface which we have found to be more effective and less destructive to the plating on the RCA female jack. You do have to push these on with a little bit of force so that they are properly mounted – so please keep this in mind.


So much went into the development of Black Cat products that my pride would be wounded if this didn’t at least make you smile in disbelief when you use them for the first time. That said, I still attach our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – fair is fair, and I also have pride in the fact that we offer the most generous MBG I know of. Click that badge to the right and you’ll be taken to our MBG page which explains the ins and outs of our Money Back Guarantee!


SILVERSTAR represents our entry-level digital cable category. This includes our Silverstar! 75 coaxial S/PDIF cable and our USB 2.0 spec Silververstar! USB cable.


NEO-MORPHEUS! is our mid-priced line for Black Cat, including interconnects and speaker cables. We call this “The Game Changer” –  performance of NEO-Morpheus is so far above the competition’s much higher priced products that it seems almost an unfair advantage. CuTube™ pure OFHC copper microtube conductor, high-velocity Aeron insulator.

LECTRALINE is our top-end of the range for Black Cat Cable, including interconnects, speaker cables. In essence, we take the basic construct for NeoMorpheus and upgrade it with a Pure Silver (99.999% pure) solid-core inner conductor, silver-over-copper shield layers, high-velocity Aeron insulator.

ACCESSORIES range from our impossible-to-beat BNC to RCA adapter, jumper-cables, and our silver-plated copper Step-Spades that push on to banana-plugs.


You can find Black Cat Cables at select dealers, and in our own online shop:

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